Why We Started DashBill

Taking care of Greek Organizations one step at a time.
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Our Story was founded by William Wang during his term as the Treasurer of his fraternity. The idea for the software was generated after months of frustration dealing with the sub-bar software and unacceptable customer service of another service, the platform that his chapter was using at the time. Upon searching for alternatives, he was unable to find an application that maximized ease of use and wasn’t extremely costly.

Our Team

The next step that Will had to take was to bring together a team of software engineers and business developers to help him promote his application and bring his vision to life. He recruited a group of his chapter brothers and alumni who he foresaw to be a great asset in optimizing his software towards solving the issues that Treasurers face. With this team, Will was able to make DashBill a reality. What started as a rough sketch in a notebook became a fully functioning application. Dashbill now proudly serves chapters from all over the country and is on its journey to becoming the most preferred financial application for Greek life in the nation.

Will realized that if he was having these issues, chapters throughout the nation must be feeling the same sense of dissatisfaction as well. He also realized that as a result of his knowledge of how fraternities make payments and the complications that entail, he had the knowledge and ability to make an application that was exponentially better at a fraction of the cost. Will became inspired and saw this as an opportunity to develop something great, something that would not only benefit his own chapter but something that would revolutionize the way Greek organizations around the country achieve financial stability.

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Our Mission

Members of our team have experienced firsthand every aspect of running a Greek organization, and we are no strangers to the various problems that burden almost all treasurers. Our mission at DashBill is simple. We are seeking to solve these problems and provide the ultimate application for chapter leaders. From our experience, the 2 most influential factors that hold an organization back from realizing its full potential are time and money. Simply put, DashBill helps you to save both. Our goal is to help each and every organization that is striving for greatness achieve those dreams, whether that be through saving money, allocating funds to be used more effectively, or just redirecting time and energy towards other aspects of organizational development. Building a strong chapter is often compared to building a house. Before any progress can be made, a strong foundation is needed. The foundation in this metaphor is, of course, a strong financial management system. DashBill is the strong foundation that your organization needs.

Meet our talented team

William Wang

Chief Executive Officer/ Founder

Ryan Bailey

Director of Sales

Gyan Prakash

Chief Technology Officer

Jonathan Thai

Software Engineer

Gabriel Moreano

Director of Finance

Aerin Wang

Director of Marketing

Johnny Ho

Software Engineer