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DashBill is the all-in-one platform for fraternity management. We assist you with charging members, creating budgets, rush management, text communications, and more!

How It Works

Get started in just 4 easy steps.

Add Members

Simply fill in your members' names and emails.

Create Charges

Charge members through our dashboard.

Members Pay

Members log in to make their payment.

Receive Payments

Payments are sent and secured.

For fraternities

This is what your Treasurer needs.

Track your members’ payments in one single place through our streamlined dashboard.

Data Collection

DashBill will assist you in tracking and managing all payments that have been made.

Managing Prospects

DashBill helps organizations track the information of potential new members.

Automated Reminders

Reminders will be automatically sent to members when deadlines are approaching.

Customer Support

DashBill places customer satisfaction as the top priority and addresses all customer concerns.


Never miss a payment ever again! Collect 100% of your dues with ease

Our users are able to automate the collection, communication, and management process for all of our fraternities!
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Trusted by Fraternities

Hear it from others.

Noah Sellers, University of Hawaii
Kappa Sigma, President 2021-22

“After switching to DashBill, our chapter was able to save around $3200 a year. The application is much simpler to use and overall a better product than different options out there for an amazing price."

"Our chapter tried it all, and the many issues we always had was the pricing of the different payment collecting applications. DashBill is able to provide a great product that we would continue to partner with!"

Javier Ramos, University of California, Riverside
Kappa Sigma, President 2019-2022

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